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Jury finds Copperfield not liable for tourist’s injuries

Some of his secrets may have been revealed in court, but at least David Copperfield won’t be walking away from a recent lawsuit with a huge damages bill.


Image AP/ John Locher


After falling and injuring himself in one of the illusionist’s ‘vanishing’ acts during a 2013 show in Las Vegas, UK tourist Gavin Cox contended that the multimillionaire magician, the MGM Grand, two Copperfield business entities and a construction firm that was renovating the hotel in which the accident took place, had been negligent.


And although a US state civil court jury found the high-profile illusionist guilty of negligence, it deemed the accused parties weren’t financially liable for the Brit’s injuries, Associated Press reported.


According to AP, the accident occurred while stagehands ushered Mr Cox and 12 other audience members, including his wife, through the bowels of the theatre, where there had been ‘construction dust’, to reappear moments later behind the audience.


But during the performance, Cox said he fell hard on his side and couldn't recall getting up to finish the illusion.


The 57-year-old chef received medical treatment from paramedics and in hospital for shoulder and other injuries.


"I was having a good time up until the time I was injured," Mr Cox testified in court.


The Brit’s lawyer, Benedict Morelli told court that the trick had been inherently dangerous, and four years ago, it was claimed Mr Cox’s medical bills exceeded $400,000.


Copperfield and show executive producer Chris Kenner said at least 55,000 audience volunteers had taken part in the trick during a 17-year period that ended in 2015.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 1 June 2018

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