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Keys to a perfect ‘honeyboom’

CCL says the market has grown by 80%

We all know about honeymoon travel, most of us babymoons and some of us even earlymoons. But a new group of ‘mooners’ (hold on, is that the right expression?) is starting to blossom, and it represents a huge chunk of the potential travel market.



According to Carnival Cruise Line (CCL), there’s been a surge in couples getting away - on a second honeymoon if you will - after their kids have grown more independent. Christened ‘honeyboomers’, CCL says this market has grown by a whopping 80% over the past four years – and that’s positive for relationships, as well as the travel industry.  


“There is nothing more important in a relationship than spending one-on-one time together. Fun experiences allow couples to form stronger bonds and create new conversation. It’s an important ingredient to relationship success,” said relationship expert John Aiken, who believes many couples don't prioritise time alone.     


According to a CCL poll of over 1,000 Australians (with children aged 13+), over three in four (76%) couples miss having fun with their partner, while more than one in three (35%) thinks a child-free holiday will help them remember why they fell in love.


Despite this, almost a quarter of those polled (22%) revealed they haven’t been on a holiday alone for five years or longer and nine in ten (90%) said they wanted to share more travel experiences with their partner. 


The perfect honeyboom, according to John Aitken, relies on:


- Good planning, the priority of which should be making sure the kids are well looked after

- Being on the same page, where couples are in agreement on what they want to experience

- Finding the new, whether it be embracing a new hobby or trying a new food, so long as it is done together

- Embracing fun, ‘just for the sake of it’ and to break the routine of daily life


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 10 July 2017

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