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London airport’s $10 breakfast slammed online

$15 Melbourne eggs on toast also shamed

In an incident that does nothing to improve the image of airport food – which already cops a lot of flack – a photo of a meal served at a London hub has shown what can apparently pass as an airport breakfast.



Posted by user u/M1BG on social forum reddit, the photo was taken at London Luton Airport and shows three (or two and a half) poorly poached eggs next to one slice of badly buttered toast.   


“I was hoping a little more effort would have gone into my £5.70 eggs on toast breakfast from Friska at Luton Airport...” the caption with the photo reads.


Needless to say, the post, which has garnered over 10,000 ‘up-votes’ on the site, has attracted plenty of feedback, led by one commenter who labeled the meal as “Eggs near toast”.


Another of the 600-plus comments reads, “The culinary term is ‘deconstructed’”, while another jests, “You know there was bacon and sausage on this, and they just took it off when he only wanted egg”.


One commenter was more earnest in her assessment.


“Seriously that is appalling and i hope you complained,” they said.


“I have costed that out to roughly 30p worth of food (of course staff and rent and electric costs on top) but even so that’s a high markup.”


Meanwhile, one user posted a photo from a friend that complained of a $15 meal in Melbourne, which shows a pretty dire looking two poached eggs on toast.


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People might need to start learning how to cook eggs…


Have you seen a worse looking breakfast? What's the worst you've experienced at an airport?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 26 June 2018

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