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Love life in trouble? This is the holiday for you

The travel sector bringing couples, families closer

Travel is said to be great for a relationship. But romantic holidays need not be filled with luxury hotels, fine dining and over-priced gestures. 



In fact, new research reveals that couples therapy can be facilitated in a campervan or even tent, along with a mutual fondness for the outdoors. 


According to a report by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, 85% of campers feel closer to their spouse compared to just 65% of non-campers. 


But caravan and camping holidays also benefit families overall, with 75% of campers in the study admitting to feeling closer to their children compared to 63% of non-campers.


The Real Richness report also found that 93% of campers believe the past-time brings families closer together while 92% of campers believe it’s “fun for the whole family”. 


“Camping is family time, where we all go to bed in the caravan together and wake up together,” one respondent in the study said.


“Have breakfast together and no-one needs to go anywhere or do anything separately. It’s time well spent!! The kids love this concept and so do we.”


Additionally, 94% of those polled said they believed camping enabled children to engage socially whilst 71% believe it improves children’s behaviour. 


Some 88% of campers think camping is accessible to everyone, with 53% agreeing that it is a cheap holiday option when times are tough.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 5 November 2018

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