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Man assaults Jetstar crew, then tries to open plane door

Incident makes international headlines

A passenger has been detained for breaching security at Melbourne airport, assaulting Jetstar crew and trying to open the door of a plane.



The incident occurred after JQ ground crew told the passenger he had missed his flight to Adelaide, at which time witnesses said the man lost it, The Age reported.


After pushing crew members aside, the man ran onto the tarmac, up the stairs to the plane and attempted – in vain – to open the plane door. Incidentally, the flight he tried to storm was bound for Sydney.


Two crew members managed to restrain the man until police arrived. Witness Susannah Murray said she saw the man "physically fighting with the staff".           


"We were sitting waiting to get on the flight and people went, 'Oh my god, what is going on?'" she told Nine News.


"Someone was running on the tarmac. This man was trying to get up the stairs, he was physically fighting with the staff, punching and scratching them."



She said the man eventually made it to the door of the plane before being restrained again.


"The federal police showed up five minutes later and walked him out," Ms Murray said.


A Jetstar spokesperson said the plane hadn’t been damaged, but was delayed for about 90 minutes while the airline replaced the injured staff. 


"This behaviour is unacceptable and we have placed an immediate ban on this passenger travelling on all Jetstar and Qantas flights," the spokesperson said, also praising the crew for their handling of the situation.


According to AAP, the AFP said the man is assisting authorities with their inquiries.


Late last year, police tasered a man at MEL after he breached security at Terminal 2 and attempted to charge a Jetstar flight.


Images Nine News


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 18 May 2018

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