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‘Me time’ driving many Aussies’ travel choices

Ease of solo travel facilitating this

Time out. It seems more and more of us require it, so much so that one in two Australians are now saying that a little alone time is prompting them to take off on a holiday, a new study has revealed. 


Conducted by the survey found that the desire to hit the road alone motivates travellers more than the chance to have a romantic holiday, attend a destination wedding or spend a work bonus. 



Women aged 55-64 were most inclined to take off alone (55%) followed by women aged 18-24 (53%).


As well as being driven by women, director Natalie Ball said the findings reflected a growing trend towards solo travel. 


“Thanks to increasing resources and the ease of the smartphone era, travellers can now navigate the world on their own terms,” she said. 


“Travel apps, translation tools and social media have made it simpler than ever to take off, unencumbered.”


At the same time, Ms Ball says the desire to unplug and wind down has arguably never been stronger. 


“In today’s fast-paced world a holiday is the perfect opportunity to get off the grid and do exactly what you want,” she explained. Though how many actually disconnect completely from their devices is debatable.



According to Pinterest’s 2018 Travel Trends report, there was a massive 593% rise in interest in solo adventures.  


“Those aged 21-29 are the most common solo travellers but we’re seeing an increase from all demographics,” Ball said. 


“Single traveller quotes have nearly doubled in the last few years with steady growth in all age categories.”


Among the types of holidays women are choosing are “soul-searching” and wilderness expeditions. 


“We have noticed an upswing in wellness and yoga retreats,” said Ms Ball. 



“Indonesia and Thailand are popular with solo female travellers and we’ve even seen a rise in adventure destinations like Nepal and Tanzania. Women are exploring the world in all types of capacities.”


When it comes to advice for solo female travellers, Ball recommends “you research your destination, stay contactable and understand what safety measures are required of you”.


“Make sure you If something doesn’t feel quite right, trust your gut. Removing yourself from a situation or summoning help may be your best option.”


That’s good advice for all travellers.


Has a desire for time alone ever inspired you to hit the road?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 16 July 2019

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