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Most annoying travel habits REVEALED Are you guilty?

Travel brings out the best in people. It can also, however, bring out the most annoying behaviour in people.


And even if you consider yourself tolerant, most will eventually succumb to an eye-roll or even snide remark when pushed far enough.



To find out what really pushes our buttons, among Australians and globally, travel site Agoda took a poll asking travellers about the behaviour they found most annoying in fellow travellers.


According to the survey, the most annoying travellers are the loud ones. Among the Aussies polled, 56% found ‘noisy travellers’ annoying, while internationally the figure was almost identical at 57%.


Not far behind this was an ‘insensitivity to cultural nuances’ (54% for Australians, 46% internationally) and an ‘overuse of devices’ (52% and 47% respectively).


The Annoying Travel Habits survey also found ‘mass tour groups’ and predictably, ‘selfie-takers’, to be fairly loathed, with 36% and 21% of respondents globally taking offence to these.


Arguably the most controversial behaviour, as highlighted by the number of fatalities involved in its practice, Australians particularly dislike selfie-taking, with nearly a third (31%) of Aussies polled citing holiday selfie-takers as annoying. Interestingly, Aussie women (25%) are less offended by selfie-takers than their male counterparts (37%).


When it comes to time spent on devices whilst travelling, solo travellers were found to spend nearly two hours (117 minutes) a day on their phones, tablets etc when on holiday while those travelling with family and friends spend 100 minutes and 86 minutes (respectively) connected.


Remarkably, Americans were the only exception to this rule, spending less time on their devices when going it alone (62 minutes) than with family and friends (66 minutes and 86 minutes).


By comparison, Australians spend over an hour a day on their devices while travelling with family (68 minutes) and friends (80 minutes) and over an hour and a half (90 minutes) when travelling solo.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 31 July 2018

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