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Most parents would risk their kids’ safety on holiday: study

What activities do parents let their children partake in whilst abroad?

With more families travelling than ever before, and to more far-flung places, the need to take caution when travelling with children has arguably never been greater. 



Despite this, it seems most parents are more flighty than helicopter when it comes to caring for their children while on an overseas holiday, a new survey has revealed. 


Conducted by travel insurer InsureandGo, the study found that some five in six (84%) parents would allow their kids - even toddlers - to take part in potentially risky or too exhaustive activities on an international vacation. 


With over 1,100 Australian parents polled, respondents were asked about their attitudes towards various scenarios – including eating street food to changing sleeping and eating habits – and how they would approach them with children of varying ages. 


Of the nine scenarios presented, mums and dads were most chilled about letting their kids pet animals (56%), followed by ‘skipping naps’ (48%) and expecting their children to keep up with them on full day tours (47%). 


Meanwhile, four in ten (38%) parents are happy to take their children to developing countries, while three in ten (30%) would let their child eat street food in a foreign country. 



To travel safer, InsureandGo recommends families: 

-      Stay up to date with necessary immunisations and travel warnings

-      Create meal routines for their kids, ensure they always wash their hands before eating and drink only bottled water

-      Pack activites for children to keep them entertained 

-      Get the right travel insurance policy (ie one that covers your children) 


“There are potential health risks on family holidays, particularly when travelling overseas,” InsureandGo spokesperson Jonathan Etkind says.  


“Things that may seem harmless can result in distress and, at worst, harm being done. 


“So it’s important that families have the right travel insurance to cover every member of the family and type of illness that may arise.” 


What sort of parent are you when you travel with children?


Activities parents would allow their kids to do while on holiday

1-3 YO

4-7 YO

8-12 YO

Pet an animal




Skip daytime naps




Expect your child to keep up with you on full day tours




Travel with you to a developing country (e.g. Vietnam, Indonesia)




Occasionally stay up past midnight




Eat street food in another country 




None of the above





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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 22 March 2019

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