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Nearly 10m Aussies suffer ‘snow-mo’: survey

Do you long to leave behind the the balmy Aussie Christmas for a wintery one? 


If you do, you’re far from alone, as a new study has revealed that nearly half of Australians dream of a white Christmas. 



Commissioned by and conducted by YouGov Galaxy, the new survey found that 42% of Aussies have never experienced a winter Christmas but hope one day they will. 


The equivalent of 9.5 million Australians also feel they are missing out on a ‘magical’ Christmas by living down under. 


This ‘snow-mo’ (fear of missing out on snow during Christmas) is fuelled by:


  • The way Christmas is always portrayed in movies, that is in winter (51% of respondents)
  • The absence of a traditional Christmas dinner by an open fire (37%)
  • The lack of a ‘Christmas-sy’ atmosphere brought on by festive decorations, Christmas trees and mistletoe  when compared to other places (36%)
  • Weather that makes it difficult to wear fun Christmas jumpers (35%)
  • Less traditions such as sending Santa’s wishlist up the fire place (22%)


State by state, Queensland (47%) is the state that most suffers from snow-mo followed by NSW and WA (both 42%).


“The research clearly shows there is an appetite amongst Australians to experience a White Christmas and the magic of the legendary traditions that go with it,” spokesperson for Australia Tarun Naidu said. 


“That’s why this year, we have created the White Christmas Snow Globe to bring Aussies closer than ever to that ‘picture postcard’ moment.”


Ironically, very few places in the world consistently have a white Christmas, even in the northern hemisphere.


Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 11 December 2018

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