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Nearly half of all Aussies plan to travel domestically when allowed

Just a little over a month ago, Australians were pledging support to bushfire affected communities, with more than half (53%) saying they planned to spend their tourism dollars locally. And then COVID-19 hit - and now the most honourable thing Aussies can do is to stay home. 



But according to new research from and research platform, Glow, Australians haven’t forgotten their pledges of support and plan to travel domestically when safe and allowed to do so. 


“Our data shows that Australians are still ready and willing to support the bushfire affected communities when circumstances allow,” Glow CEO Tim Clover said. 


“Whether they seek out regional stays for work or leisure in less populated areas or re-organise cancelled overseas holidays locally, Australians have not forgotten about their previous pledges of support, even though they can’t fulfil them right now.”


In the coming six months, if they have been told it’s okay to travel, nearly half (43%) of Australians plan to get a local break in, while half (49%) say they would consider leisure travel to less populated areas to lower their risk of contracting the virus.


However, only one in five (20%) Aussies are looking to travel overseas during the same period.


“While the fall-out of this global crisis leaves devastating impacts across the travel industry, the shift in focus from international air travel to local trips – perhaps starting with day or nanocations when it is safe to do so, could provide a beacon of hope in an otherwise heartbreaking year for our regional communities,” MyTravelResearch CEO Carolyn Childs said.


“And frankly, Australians will all need a holiday! To keep that beacon alight – Australian tourism needs to keep building our connection to our customers.”


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 8 April 2020

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