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Nearly half of Aussies see passport-free travel in 20s: study

A recent study has revealed three new ‘travel norms’ expected by Australian travellers this decade, and passport-free travel is among them.

Nearly one in two (41%) Aussies polled in the survey said they saw passport-free travel happening in the 2020s, placing Australia among the top five countries most likely to see an immediate future with passport-less travel. 


By contrast, only one in five Britons and Americans in the study, which was conducted by travel site Agoda, expect this to be the norm within the next decade.  



Meanwhile, more than a quarter of those polled said they wanted to make more eco-friendly travel choices over the next ten years. But at the same time, people are looking to increase the amount of travel they undertake. 


According to the study, two in five (40%) Aussies would like to travel more internationally this decade, with London topping their wishlists, followed by New York and Bangkok.


Globally, Kyoto was revealed as the world’s most desired destination to visit in the 20s, followed by Bangkok and Bali.


Australians, along with Britons and South Koreans, were the only nationalities who didn’t choose a domestic destination in their wishlists.


Among the other travel norms Australians are expecting this decade are single apps for all travel needs and mobile apps for check-ins. 


Around half of Aussie respondents said that during this decade they expected to be able to check into their hotel room as well as download their room key using their mobile phones. This compares to just one in three Brits and Americans.


“It is a technology golden age for travellers as it develops to simplify the way anyone, anywhere can search, book and pay for flights, hotels or holiday accommodation ... the 2020s will be defined by the power of data and Machine Learning (AI),” Agoda vice president of corporate development Timothy Hughes remarked. 


"Asian travellers, including Australians, are enthused by, and expectant of, technology developments that enhance and simplify their travel experience."


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 8 January 2020

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