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Nearly three in four Australians experienced problems on their 2022 travels

As the industry emerged from its pandemic hibernation, there were always bound to be issues building back.

This was a common sight in the months following the pandemic.

A new study by Southern Cross Travel Insurance has found nearly three in every four international travellers (74%) experienced some sort of issue during their 2022 journeys as the global industry emerged from two years of enforced shutdown.

The latest edition of the insurer’s ‘Future of Travel’ research series tabulated the statistic which alone, isn’t all that surprising considering virtually the entire industry was desperately rushing to hire back millions of staff worldwide who were laid off or stood down with borders closed and travel almost literally at a standstill.

The most common issue though affected international travellers however was not COVID-19, with 43% of travellers struck down with other illnesses or ailments.

In second place was airline-related issues such as lost luggage, flight delays or cancellations, with the coronavirus itself accounting for 36% of disruptions.

Flight delays and cancellations were a high cause of travel insurance claims.

Domestic travel was also heavily affected, with nearly six in ten journeys within our border encountering a problem of some description.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance CEO, Jo McCauley, said the current environment highlighted the absolutely essential need for adequate travel insurance.

“We’ve definitely been impacted as a business by the travel disruption experienced across Australia and, with the cost of travel continuing to increase, it’s only going to become more important for travellers to cover themselves for cancelled, delayed or disrupted travel,” McCauley said.

Despite the expected problems, domestic travel saw higher travel insurance claims with an average of $1,584 being sought by aggrieved travellers, compared to $1,281 for international travellers.

Southern Cross’ survey was conducted by YouGov in January 2023 with 1,028 Australians from all states and territories aged 18 or over taking part in the online poll.

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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 5 April 2023

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