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New dedicated Uber pickup zone coming to Sydney Airport

A change to the pickup arrangements for Uber customers arriving at T3 is expected to lead to a 35 percent reduction in traffic.

Travellers arriving at T3 will have a dedicated pickup zone for Uber bookings.

Ridesharing giant Uber will open its second dedicated pickup zone at an Australian airport, with Sydney Airport’s T3 Qantas domestic terminal to offer a new kerbside meeting point.

Effective from 21 December, Qantas travellers booking an Uber will meet their driver at the dedicated pickup point outside the terminal on the lower level, just outside from baggage claim, where there will be eight bays reserved for Uber drivers.

The move makes Sydney the second airport in Australia to introduce a dedicated space for Uber pickups, joining Melbourne which opened its highly popular and efficient Uber rank in 2022.

The new zone means T3 passengers being picked up by limousines and private hire cars must move 80 metres along Shiers Avenue to meet their vehicle.

T3 travellers booking with other rideshare operators will continue to meet their driver in the Priority Pickup space.

Travellers at T2 must continue to use the Green Priority Pickup zone.

The new pickup point is expected to lead to a 35 percent reduction in Uber vehicles collecting passengers from the ‘Green’ Priority Pick-up, with this space now solely for the use of travellers arriving at T2 on Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Rex and other regional airlines.

There will be no change to the taxi rank pickup at the Qantas T3 terminal and also no change to where departing passengers are dropped off for their flights.

Sydney Airport Head of Commercial Transport, Kenn Langcake, said he was pleased to partner with Uber on the new initiative in response to strong demand - which will serve the influx of travellers expected to pass through Sydney Airport during the Christmas holidays.

“Rideshare now accounts for nearly 40 percent of all pickups at the airport, up from just 7 percent in 2016, so it’s important that we continue to evolve our services in line with shifting passenger preferences,” Langcake said.

“Longer-term, we would like to roll out a kerbside pickup zone at our T2 domestic terminal.

“In the meantime, T2 passengers accessing Uber rides via the existing Priority Pickup area should have a much better experience, with congestion in that area set to come down by more than a third.”

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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 13 December 2023

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