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Nine in ten Aussies burnt out from work: study

New statistics show that a shockingly high number of Australians are experiencing burnout from overworking – and not taking enough leave.


According to a survey by, some 2.4 million Aussie fulltime workers have not taken leave for more than a year, while nearly nine in ten (86%) workers have experienced burnout.


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The research, which analyzes the annual leave habits of 1,000 employed Aussies, exposes Australia as a nation of workaholics, with just three in ten (31%) workers using all of their annual leave day each year.


The study found that those with children are more likely to use their leave.


When it comes to states and territories, those from NSW and Victoria are the most likely to take a break, with 36% and 34% respectively always using up their annual leave allocation.


South Australians were found to be the guiltiest of ignoring holidays, with just 19% taking advantage of their leave entitlements.


According to the study, the consequences of experiencing burnout from not taking enough annual leave include:

Loss of concentration - 51%

Worked more slowly than usual - 43%

Taking one or more sick days - 38%

Eating unhealthily (junk/sugary foods) - 36%

Consuming too much caffeine in order to stay focused - 33%


“There are countless benefits of travel to simply take time off to explore, be inspired or unplug, whether for two weeks or two days, switching off and taking care of your health and wellbeing is a number one priority,” said Luke Wilson, spokesperson for Australia, which is urging Aussies to make Friday 15 June 2018 ‘Book A Holiday Day’.


How much of your annual leave do you take up each year? Tell us below...


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 5 June 2018

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