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NTIA winners to get more exposure than ever

AFTA partners with SMH and The Age Traveller as Traveltalk becomes offical media supporter

Further bolstering its status as Australia’s leading travel industry awards, the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) has partnered with the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Traveller for the 2019 National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA). 


And as a new official media supporter for next year’s event, Traveltalk’s coverage of NTIA will be more comprehensive than ever. 


“Traveltalk is proud to be Australia’s leading news magazine for travel agents and we are committed to supporting the travel industry wherever possible,” Traveltalk Publisher Jenny Rowland said. 


“We are delighted that AFTA has asked us to become an official media supporter of the 2019 NTIA Awards. 


“We will make sure that the travel agents of Australia are kept well informed of all the important NTIA information leading up to the travel industry’s night of nights. We’ll see you there!”


AFTA‘s new partnership with SMH and The Age Traveller also significantly expands the awards’ consumer reach.


In an exclusive interview with Traveltalk at its announcement, AFTA CEO Jayson Westbury said the deal was “really exciting” for the industry as a whole, and that the partnership would give the event, and travel agents more broadly, unprecedented public recognition.


“NTIA has really come of age ... introducing this partnership is the next really big thing in what we’re trying to do in promoting the industry, promoting the value of travel agents, and allowing consumers to understand the value travel agents bring every single day,” he said. 


“What it really does... it allows us to extend the engagement, through their channels, which is not something that we’ve really done before with NTIA; it’s been a little more trade focused.”


In announcing the deal, Westbury said consumers would be “better informed about travel agents and the value of being recognised as the best in the various categories of the industry-led National Travel Industry Awards”.



Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 9 November 2018

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