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On a shoestring? 2019’s cheapest cities for travellers

And which are the most expensive metropolises?

With the festive season behind us, many families will be looking to tighten their budgets for the coming weeks and even months. 


But there’s no reason to put off travelling, especially if you’re heading to one of these destinations, which have just been revealed as the world’s cheapest cities for travellers in 2019. 


Looking to find the most affordable towns to explore this year, lifestyle website analyzed the cost of accommodation,food and drink, transport and tours, and attractions in various places around the world. 


Image Mexico City

Of those examined, it found that the cheapest city in the world for tourists over the next 12 months will be Cairo, with a day in the Egyptian capital costing on average around £42.38 (AU$77). 


Elsewhere, those on a tight budget could head to Mexico City, where visitors can get by on £63.76 ($115) for an all-inclusive full day, and Antalya, a Turkish resort city that will cost £67.13 ($121). 


Buenos Aires, Mumbai and Chiang Mai were found to be the next most budget-friendly towns, while Kuala Lumpur, Riga, Nairobi and Manila rounded out the top ten cheapest cities. 


"You don't always have to spend a lot of money to discover the world and many places can be explored and experienced for less than a night out in town," lastminute UK and Ireland country director Reigo Eljas said. 


At the other end of the scale, the most expensive cities were deemed to be Las Vegas, where visitors can spend on average $40 per hour, Toronto and Reykjavik. 


Sydney and Melbourne were found to be the 7th and 13th priciest tourist towns respectively. Surprisngly, of the top 10 most expensive cities, five (three in USA, two in Canada) are in North America.


To help keep costs to a minimum on your next holiday, Lastminute suggests travellers carry pre-paid or overseas cards, book during sales and budget spending ahead of time. 


Full a rundown of the results, click here.


Which cities have you found remarkably affordable?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 4 February 2019

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