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Oscar nominees to be gifted $77K trips to Israel

But will any of those invited actually go?

If the fortunes and glory that are bestowed upon Oscar nominees aren’t enough, those up for gongs at this year’s Academy Awards will be given goodie bags, which will include an all-expenses paid trip to Israel.


According to the company responsible for the “gifts”, Los Angles-based Distinctive Assets, this year’s goodie bags are worth a whopping $220,000 each and will also include personalized M&Ms, a “vampire breast lift” (whatever that is), Audi leases, personal trainers and three nights at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo near George Clooney's place at Lake Como, the Washington Post reported.



Playing the celebrity product placement game, the Israeli Tourism Ministry and a Brooklyn-based travel company run by ultra-Orthodox Jews called, will deliver a US$55,000 (AU$77,000), 10-day luxury travel pack with first-class air to Tel Aviv – “plus all the falafel you can eat”, the paper reported.


However, according to the Post, the offer is only being extended to the nominees in best actor and actress, best supporting actor/actress and director categories, and presenter Chris Rock. That’s 26 people and their companions.


Producers, writers, and other figures (the people that actually make the movies work) won’t be offered the trips, which form part of an effort to market Israel as a travel destination and not a conflict zone.


Israeli officials say they would be really happy if at least two stars took them up on the offer – because Leonardo DiCaprio and Sylvester Stallone can’t afford their own jets, right?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 15 February 2016

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