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Our first names could affect our destination choices

This could go down as one of the most insightful surveys of the year – or the silliest (and we’re only in January).

What’s in a name? It might just be our choice of holiday destination.


Travel firm On The Go Tours compared vacation choices with the first names of its customers and found that our names may influence where we might next holiday. And we thought it was weather, food, culture or recommendations from friends...  



Based on its research the travel company found, for instance, that:

Williams would look to visit Sri Lanka, India and Peru

Louises dream of travelling to Russia, Morocco and Croatia

Sophias are likely to visit Vietnam, Jordan and Iceland

Alex is most likely to visit Iceland, Africa and Croatia

Megan is most likely to visit Croatia, Iceland and Egypt

Sams are likely to visit Croatia, Africa and Egypt

Adrians are likely to visit Peru, Russia and India

Tinas dream of visiting Morocco, Peru and China

Melanie is most likely to visit Croatia, Russia and Turkey

Seans are most likely to travel to Peru, Africa and Iceland


On The Go Tours even created a tool to show which destinations you’re most likely to travel to, after analyzing the most popular 400 names for bookings from over 100,000 names. 


“The On The Go Tours first name and travel choices tool will help to provide inspiration for intrepid explorers and to let them see where other people who share their name have been choosing to go,” On The Go Tours managing director Carl Cross said.


“The analysis shows that even a slight difference in spelling of the same name can produce contrasting results - for example, Michele dreams of travelling to Russia, India and Peru, whilst Michelle would prefer to explore Iceland, Africa or Croatia. The data also reveals the names of the individuals who love to holiday more than any of us!”


Apparently Marks enjoy culture and history, and are “19% more likely to travel to Russia, 12% more likely to travel to Egypt and 9% more likely to travel to Croatia” (none of which, incidentally, I’ve actually travelled to).


But my name did make the top ten list of those who love to travel most. And that seems accurate…


To use the tool, see the names you’re most likely to bump into during your travels and discover travel buddy compatibilities (and incompatibilities), click here.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 12 January 2018

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