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“Our treatment of Covid has been vastly overdone,” says Flight Centre boss

Flight Centre managing director Graham Turner claims that the recent and upcoming moves to relax Covid-19 restrictions amid high Covid cases is a sign that the government has managed the pandemic poorly. 



With both Victoria and New South Wales having relaxed Covid-19 restrictions and with Queensland to do the same this week, Turner questioned why there was a desire to remove restrictions despite a high rate of infections, the Australian reported. 


“We have probably the highest Covid infections in Queensland and yet there’s serious thought to dropping all the restrictions,” Turner said.


“The thought of dropping all those restrictions will show our government action over Covid over the past two years has not been the right action,” he said.


“Our treatment of Covid has been vastly overdone.”


Turner particularly pointed to the two-year cruise ban placed on foreign flagged vessels.


“It was a travesty for the poor cruise industry and the people such as the ports who rely on it,” Turner said.


“Someone has done the cruise industry a huge injustice.


“There was no logic in what they did to cruising it was illogical. It was a gross government over-reaction, it’s a standout.”


In response, Helloworld chief executive Andrew Burnes said that apportioning blame for past actions isn’t the way forward. 


“There’s certainly a lot of lessons to be learnt and everyone acknowledges that,” he said. 


“I think we can all take solace from the fact that everybody was trying to do the best they could for their state and for their people.”

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Published: 26 April 2022

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