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Penalties for driving and using your mobile phone over Easter

NSW, ACT drivers stand to lose the most, while NT, TAS drivers the least

With the Easter (and Anzac) break here, many Australian families will be hitting the road for a well-earned holiday or to visit family and friends. 



But more important than the destination, is getting there safely. And key to this is keeping away from your mobile phones while driving. 


Research shows that using a phone in your car increases your risk of a crash by 400%, so getting on top of what is and isn't allowed is to everyone’s benefit. 


To this end, telco comparison site WhistleOut has created a national guide to what Aussies can and can’t do with mobile phones whilst driving and the penalties they’ll face this Easter.


Most people would know that penalties will vary from state to state. But they mightn’t realise by how much. 


For instance, in the NT, those caught using a mobile when behind the wheel can lose three demerit points and cop a $250 fine. However, the same act in NSW could cost naughty drivers a whopping 10 demerit points and a hefty $448 fine (thanks to Easter’s double demerit points).


Here’s what mobile phone offenses will cost you across the country, and a basic outline of rules:

Check out the full guide here.


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 17 April 2019

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