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Peregrine launches Antarctica journeys

If you’re going to talk about orcas, penguins and massive blocks of ice over lunch, I can’t think of anywhere better than the very appropriate Icebergs restaurant in Bondi.



This was the perfect venue for Peregrine Adventures as they launch their new expeditions to the ultimate frontier, Antarctica.


With a highly esteemed panel of five Antarctica experts, guests at the event were regaled with fantastic tales of life changing adventures (even more mouth watering than the delicious lunch we were served).


These passionate polar enthusiasts cannot get enough of the vastness, history, people, ice and wildlife of the region, and talk of the “overview effect”, where you get a very clear perspective on life and what’s really important.


Peregrine Adventures’ Antarctica expeditions aboard the Ocean Endeavour will continue the company’s focus on an experiential style of cruising. 


“We want the journey to Antarctica to be life changing, not earth changing” says Brett Mitchell, regional director of Asia Pacific for Peregrine Adventures.



With a strong focus on sustainability, Peregrine serve only sustainably-sourced seafood, avoids single-use plastics and uses biodegradable and phosphate-free cleaning products onboard. 


The new trips will also see Peregrine double their carbon offsets on behalf of all customers.


“Antarctica reminds its visitors of just how small our planet is and how interconnected we are,” Mr Mitchell says. 


“Our travellers leave inspired to do more to protect the environment and we want to play our part by doubling our carbon offsets on each voyage.” 


With a range of accommodation options, including single cabins, the Ocean Endeavour carries 199 travellers.


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Written by: Jenny Rowland
Published: 28 February 2019

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