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Perfect for travellers? The undies you don’t need to wash (much)

Wear as normal, then inside-out, then right-way-out but back-to-front, then inside-out back-to-front. It’s the backpacker way of extending underpants wear between washes. But there’s another way.


I come from a long line of light packers, but one thing I always bring lots of is undies. Yes, you can do a little hand washing when away, but you can’t always guarantee you’ll be staying somewhere long enough for them to dry. But not everyone thinks this way.


Enter SilverTech 2.0, the Danish made undies that you can theoretically wear for weeks before washing. “Travel more. Wash less.” So begins their Kickstarter campaign, Scandinavia’s most successful fashion campaign on the money raising site.


So how long can you go before you wash them? According the Organic Basic’s site, the effect of SilverTech can vary from person to person, depending on how much and how strong our body odours are. 


“Technically you can wear our SilverTech products for over one week without washing. However body hygiene is a very personal matter. So where one person can wear Silvertech for a month without having the need to wash, others might feel that need after just a few days.“


So travellers are you in?


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 14 May 2018

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