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Planning travel? Are you guilty of this?

Australians are ‘Travel Addicts’, and this proves it

If you catch yourself daydreaming about that next holiday while you’re supposed to be working, you’re not alone.


A new survey by travel search engine has revealed that one in three Australians book their holidays whilst on the job.



While that may irk some employers, it’s great news for travel generally, and shows not only are we travelling more, but we’re thinking about it more often too (although we hope at least surgeons are entirely focused on their jobs).


A separate study by luxury travel provider Bon Voyage, even pinned down the time that we’re most likely to go holiday shopping at work, with 11am the most popular time to get busy planning.


If all of that’s not enough, Kayak’s 2017 “Travel Addicts” Survey found that we’re even thinking about our next holiday while we’re on our current one, with three in ten (28%) travellers booking their next vacation while they’re still on the road. Talk about not living in the moment…


Another place we apparently often research travel is in bed just before we go to sleep (28%), while interestingly (and rather distastefully), a fair few of us even do it on the toilet (10%).   


“We see that people aren’t just physically travelling more, interestingly they are also thinking about travel more often and spontaneously,” KAYAK Australia country head Robin Chiang says.


“Travel searches and bookings can take place literally anywhere and at any moment. Travel no longer requires months of preparation - it now just takes a few clicks to make your next adventure a reality.”


The study found the most sought after flights to be overnight services, with four in ten (40%) Aussie respondents seeking red eye flights to maximize their time away.


The most important overall elements of travel for those polled were money (61%), a safe environment (41%), a travel partner (31%), good weather (28%), inspiring cultural attractions (24%) and good food (18%).


The Travel Addicts study polled 2,100 people across seven Asia Pacific markets aged between 21 and 45, who have booked hotels or flights online in the last 6 months.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 8 November 2017

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