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Priciest and cheapest countries to rent a car in

The findings may surprise you

Few things are as pleasurable as hitting the open road, especially in a new country and with the novelty of driving a new(ish) car. 


But as roads and conditions can vary from country to country, so too can rental prices - by as much as 29-fold, a new study has found. 



In the study, UK-based company ChooseMyCar looked at the average cost of a week’s car hire in 100 countries to reveal the cheapest and most expensive nations in which to rent a vehicle. And it found Eastern Europe to be the place where travellers can drive longest for least. 


The cheapest country to hire a car in, according to the study, is Montenegro, where you can grab a vehicle for seven days for just US$41, followed by neighbouring Serbia ($57), Croatia ($74), Bosnia and Herzegovina ($78) and Guatemala ($108) in Central America. 


Greece, Brazil, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Denmark rounded out the ten most affordable countries for car hires. 


At the top end of the scale, the most expensive nations in which to rent a car are Cambodia, where a week-long rental will set you back on average $1,192, Ghana ($1,191), Benin ($1,123), Burkina Faso ($1,103) and Angola ($888).


In Australia, seven days’ car hire will cost an average $492 (74th most affordable out of 100), while in New Zealand it’ll set you back $715 (91st). 


Other popular destinations for Aussies finished: South Africa (12th), Thailand (16th), Ireland (23nd), Canada (33rd), UK (40th), USA (57th) and Japan (67th). 


To see the full list of 100 countries and car hire costs, click here




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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 15 January 2020

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