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Qantas named most attractive employer; Virgin down

Work/life balance the key to happiness among staff

Recognised for its top travel perks among other benefits, Qantas has just been named the most attractive employer in Australia.


Revealing the top 20 most desirable places to work this year, the 2019 Randstad Employer Brand Research Awards also recognised Qantas’ perceived adoption of technology and consistent financial performance. 


Image source: Qantas


The flying kangaroo beat Epworth HealthCare and computing giant Apple to the top prize, while rival airline Virgin Australia also featured among the top ten employers, albeit six places lower than last year in eighth place. 


Randstad Australia CEO Frank Ribuot said it was important for businesses to create a workplace that  met staff expectations.  


“Closing the gap between expectation and reality is what makes an attractive employer and where Qantas really excels, remaining squarely in the top three for four consecutive years,” he said. 


Life sciences displaced the technology sector as the most attractive industry in which to work. 


A good work-life balance remains the single most important factor for employees when considering staying in their roles (54%). 


Around one third of workers are planning to change roles within a year, with young employees (aged 18-24) the most transient (40%). 


“Workers are continuing to battle with work-life balance issues, particularly Gen Z. It’s their top reason for leaving a job,” Mr Ribuot said. 


“We need to listen and do more to retain good employees by delivering the trifecta of work-life balance, long-term job security and a competitive salary. 


“Beyond this, employees want to be stimulated by their job and have a clear career path.”



Randstad’s research also indicates a link between an employee’s experience and their consumer behaviour.


“Half of Aussies will share their experience with family and friends, taking it far beyond the four walls of the office and ultimately determining if you’re perceived as an attractive employer or not,” Ribuot said.


“The research is a reminder that an employee’s experience can directly impact your business’s bottom line and your brand reputation needs to be maintained at all stages of the employee journey.”


The awards were based on a poll of 10,861 Australian employees.


What Australian Workers Are Seeking From Work 2019

1. Work-life balance: 54%

6. Flexible arrangements: 34%

2. Salary and benefits 52%

7. Strong leadership: 33%

3. Job security: 47%

8. Location: 33%

4. Pleasant atmosphere: 40%    

9. Career progression: 31%

5. Good training: 36%

10. Financially healthy: 25%


Australia’s Top 20 Most Attractive Employers 2019

1. Qantas Airways (up to two places)

11. Federal Government (up two places)

2. Epworth Medical Foundation (up 41 places)

12. Healthe Care Australia (up four places)

3. Apple (down two places)

13. The University of Sydney (up 14 places)

4. PricewaterhouseCoopers (up 11 places)

14. The University of Queensland (up 50 places)

5. Tasmanian Government (up 42 places)

15. The University of NSW (down seven places)

6. Infosys Technologies Limited (new)

16. Australian Red Cross Society (up 26 places)

7. The University of Melbourne (up 14 places)

17. Monash University (up 39 places)

8. Virgin Australia (down six places)

18. Boeing Australia (not in top 150 in 2018)

9. ABC (down three places)

19. G8 Education (down 10 places)

10. RMIT (up 10 places)

20. Douglass Hanly Moir


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 14 May 2019

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