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Queensland tourist death flags lurking danger

Accident one of several this month involving jetskis

A Japanese woman was killed in Cairns after she lost control of a rented jet-ski and hit a moored boat.


Image Marc McCormack


The 27-year-old tourist was on a popular jet-ski tour with her husband when she hit the side of the crowded Sunlover Reef Cruises vessel.


According to The Cairns Post, crew members from the ship tried to save the woman’s life, but she couldn't be resuscitated.


“Our thoughts go out to any of their family,” said Lisa Singleton from NQ Watersports, which operates the jet-ski tour.


“He [the tour guide] is pretty shaken up by the whole experience and he has gone home to be with his family.”


Mrs Singleton said the business had been operating with a good safety record for several years.


The death of the Japanese traveller has highlighted the risks associated with jet-skiing, a popular activity at watersports destinations the world over.


Just days ago, an elderly man died in the US when the jet-ski he was riding collided with a pontoon boat. Initial investigations revealed the boat was traveling at a low speed, while the jet-ski was travelling at a high velocity, USA Today reported.


Earlier this month, another tourist, who was visiting the Caribbean aboard a cruise ship, apparently died in a jet-ski accident at a beach in St Kitts, while there have been countless other fatal and non-fatal accidents over the past two months involving jet-skis, mostly in the US, but also in Europe.


What are your thoughts on jetskis, particularly for tourists?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 25 September 2016

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