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Rail Europe unveils new travel agent perks

Company simplifies bookings and amplifies agent rewards

Last night, Rail Europe treated travel agents, wholesalers and media to a bon vivant evening at de Vine wine bar in Sydney. With the vino flowing, Rail Europe explained its new booking systems as well as a host of other new agent benefits that not only make rail booking more intuitive, fun and seamless, but also rewarding. 


The first feature is the ever evolving ‘Agent Tool’, a high-tech application that is constantly being updated to improve agents’ search and booking experience. In addition to its increasingly popular ‘save for later’, ‘link booking fee’ and multi-city search functions along with the FAQ section, agents can now also instantly issue e-tickets for last minute departures, request for quotes, keep tabs on currently unavailable trains and refer to the after sales portal for further support. Given the intuitive and cutting-edge technology used, Agent Tool has even been considered the best booking tool in the market. More features will be added to its suite of booking solutions over the year.


Image Eurostar


The second feature is ‘Rail Wizard’, a brand new virtual assistant that’s on hand 24/7 to assist agents with any queries they may have on bookings, quotes, payments, shipping and documentation, aftersales support, agent discounts and more. Specially designed based on information collected over the years from the most common queries, Rail Wizard provides simple yet comprehensive answers to all of the frequently asked questions via a few clicks. This already popular feature saves time, allowing agents to assist their clients more efficiently and therefore more competitively.


The third feature is the ‘Marketing Grant’ initiative, where agents can submit requests for marketing funds to implement B2B2C activations. These include information nights, newsletter mail outs, window decals, social media promotions, co-branded merchandise and other activities. Essentially, this facility encourages and allows agents more room to be creative with their marketing efforts and campaigns.


Finally, Rail Europe’s brand new ‘Once Upon a Train’ educational and entertaining incentive program is keeping agents on their toes. A year-long campaign that uses interactive storytelling to educate agents about the company’s core products and service offering, this program requires participating agents to solve the mystery of the missing Golden Ticket by December 2020. Along the way, agents are rewarded with incentives including cash vouchers, rail passes, spot prizes, Rail Expert certificates and ultimately, winning a place on one of three luxurious famils.


General Manager APAC, Richard Leonard, said that given the large volume of queries received and bookings transacting every day, it is imperative that Rail Europe stays ahead in assisting agents use their limited time wisely and efficiently. 


“By continuously simplifying our booking processes and amplifying our already highly popular incentive program, we aim to not only further improve our engagement levels with new and existing agents and rewarding them handsomely, but also provide them with the most efficient service possible, thus eliminating unnecessary emails and long-waiting phone calls,” Leonard remarked.


“Our top priority remains to provide easily accessible and accurate information and solutions to our agents.”


“We benefit only when agents benefit; and to ensure the continuation of that, it’s imperative our booking functions and educational programs meet and exceed the demands of the evolving travel landscape.”


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Published: 3 March 2020

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