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Rental car hidden admin fees revealed

Some rental companies can charge up to a $36.30 in administration fees if you use a toll road, a report from has revealed. 



Others offer renters a way around this by charging a daily fee of up to $18.70 per day to use the tolls, meaning a ten day trip could cost customers an extra $187.


According to, Hertz offers a toll day-pass which is $18.70 in NSW, then between $12-$17 in other states. If renters don’t prepay the tolls used during a trip, they could get slapped with a $36.30 admin fee (plus the toll charges, of course). Ace car rentals, which was recently purchased by Hertz, offers the same cost structure around tolls.


Europcar, on the other hand, charges a service fee of $3.30 for each calendar day that you use an Australian toll road in addition to the toll charges that you’d have to pay. So if you happen to go on a trip and use the toll roads for 10 days, you’d have to pay $33 plus the toll charges on top of the car rental cost.


Similar to Europcar, Thrifty and Avis charges a service fee of $3.30 on top of the toll charges for each calendar day that the toll is used on. They also give you the option to pay these charges in cash, in which case, the service fee is $5 for each calendar day on which a toll is incurred. That is, you’d have to pay $33 or $50, depending on your mode of payment, for a 10-day trip where you use an Australian toll road every day.


Budget charges a daily service fee of $3.95 per calendar day of your trip, including the days on which e-toll is not used, though the amount is capped at $17.50 per month. So if you happen to go on a 10 day trip, you’d be charged a service fee of $17.50 (not $39.50) on top of the toll charges.


Overseas can be even pricier, with Dollar Car Rental in the US charging you for all tolls incurred plus a $15 USD administration fee per toll, capped at $90 per rental agreement. Basically, if you were on a road-trip and you happened to cross 6 or more toll roads, you’ve have to pay $90 in addition to the toll charges!


Car rental companies in UK follow a similar cost structure. Most rental companies charge somewhere between £3.30 to £3.50 per calendar day that the toll is used. However, there are some rental companies that charge a ridiculously high toll fee, somewhere upto £13 for every toll incurred during the duration of your rental agreement. Also, some rental companies like Hertz and Sixt charge an administration fee of approximately £36 in addition to the toll charges, no matter how many days you use the toll on or how many toll roads you actually use.


Published: 18 March 2019

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