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Revealed: Australia’s top 10 spots to escape winter

Where do you like to go?

When is a winter holiday not a winter holiday? If you’re in Australia, it’s when June hits but you take off to warmer climes. And a lot of us do this, if new research by TripAdvisor is anything to go by.


So where are the spots Aussies like to travel to during our winter? 




According to the 2019 Winter Holiday Destination Report, the 10 most popular overseas destinations for Australian travellers this winter are all in warmer parts, or places that are at least going through their summer. 


Based on TripAdvisor booking interest (for June to August 2019), Bali is our biggest target, followed by London, Singapore, Phuket and Oahu. 


The next hottest spots are Santorini, Viti Levu, Paris, Rome and New York. 


Polling more than 1,500 Australian travellers, the report also revealed that two in three (67%) Aussies are planning a holiday this winter, with almost half looking abroad. 


According to the study, half (48%) of those surveyed plan to visit a beach destination between June and August this year, with one in three (32%) admitting to a desire to escape the cold.


Elsewhere in the report, two in five (38%) Australians said they spent more than three weeks overseas during winter, while one in five (20%) will fork out more than $10,000 on travel between June and August 2019. 


Domestically, Queensland (43%) and NSW (42%) are the most popular states to explore come winter. 


Do you embrace or escape winter?

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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 26 June 2019

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