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Revealed: best value destinations over Easter

This is where you can fly for less

Easter, like most public holiday periods, isn’t usually associated with cheap airfares. For instance, flights over the Easter period are forecast to be 24% more expensive than the rest of the year overall, according to Skyscanner. 


Despite this, there are still bargains to be found for those looking to make an overseas holiday out of Easter, which this year can be turned into a 10 day break with ANZAC Day. In fact, there are even destinations that are significantly cheaper over Easter compared to the rest of the year. 


Manila Bay


Like Manila. According to Skyscanner, Australians looking to travel to the Philippine capital over Easter can save more than $200 (or 29%) from Sydney. 


Beijing (19%), Shanghai (18%) and Kathmandu (18%) are also much more affordable over Easter, while Taipei-bound travellers can similarly save over $200 (15%). 


Other major savings on return flights from Sydney can be found in Saigon (7%), Bangkok (6%) and Kuala Lumpur (5%). 


“There are many reasons why these destinations could be cheaper at Easter, and one may be that most Australians avoid long haul travel over this period due to it being a traditionally shorter break,” Skyscanner Australia travel expert Emily Cairns said. 


“But with a holiday hack this year that extends this period from only three leave days to a whopping ten, Easter 2019 is a great opportunity to explore longer haul destinations, all the while saving money.” 


At the other end of the scale, the most elevated prices over Easter were found on airfares to New Zealand as well as domestic destinations.  


“There may be no avoiding these influxes if you are tied to visiting a particular destination that is popular,” Ms Cairns said. 


“However, if you have the luxury of considering alternative destinations, then there are some other great options where you could even save a buck.”



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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 13 February 2019

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