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Revealed: frequent flyers’ favourite airport lounges

Aussies stay true to their national carrier in survey

Australian travellers looking for some pre-flight pampering have more options than ever before, thanks to the rise of PAYG, non-airline branded and even credit card lounges, not to mention the greater variety of carrier lounges generally. So with that much choice, which are Aussie frequent flyers’ pick of the lounges? 


Qantas lounge at Melbourne Airport


According to a new survey by frequent flyer and rewards platform, Point Hacks, Australians’ favourite international business lounge provider is Qantas, who has facilities at every major airport in Australia and several around the world. 


Polling more than 1,600 regular travellers across nine of the world’s most popular lounge providers, the survey found that nearly one in three (31%) Aussie frequent flyers prefer a flying kangaroo lounge over any other. 


The next most popular lounges were those of Singapore Airlines (20%), Emirates (19%), Cathay Pacific (10%) and Etihad Airways (6%). 


Qantas rival Virgin Australia ranked poorly (4%) when compared to Qantas, though this may have something to do with VA’s limited selection of lounges; it only has co-branded facilities with Etihad in Sydney and Melbourne. However, it is opening a new Virgin-branded lounge at Brisbane International in the coming weeks. 


Etihad Residence Lounge, Abu Dhabi


Air New Zealand and American Express lounges also earned 4% of votes, while the Priority Pass lounge network scored just 2% of votes. 


When it comes to our favourites, state-by-state, Qantas rules in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and SA, while Singapore is most popular in WA (30%) and Emirates in NT and ACT (50% and 36% respectively). 


Point Hacks’ spokesperson and frequent flyer expert Daniel Sciberras said the results mirror the frequency of flights offered by the respective airlines.


“Today, with many flyers having a range of lounge options at their disposal through travelling in Business Class, partner airline and alliance wide elite status recognition, and lounge benefits offered by some premium credit cards, these results suggest that travellers still favour using the lounge of the airline that they are flying with, and highlights the importance of airline lounges in a customers’ overall travel experience,” he said. 


“Non-airline branded lounges and pay-as-you-go lounges such as American Express and Priority Pass are increasing in popularity, but it appears they are yet to reach the forefront of travellers minds, likely due to the limited number of these lounges, and that access is granted to a niche group of travellers”.


Which are your favourite lounges? 

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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 16 July 2019

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