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REVEALED: how long Aussies spend planning travel

And what sways travellers when it comes to choice of destinations?

If time is money, then Australian travellers could be wasting a lot of money on planning and booking travel - especially when somebody else could be doing it for them. 



According to a new survey commissioned by Traveltalk, two in five (39%) Australians spend over 24 hours planning travel, while a further 14% spend up to 24 hours organising their next trip. Whether that’s an hour a day for 24 days, or three full eight-hour days, or more, that’s a big commitment.


Conducted by dynata, the poll found that 28% of Aussies spend between 4-12 hours planning travel, while only one in five (19%) spend less than four hours on their holiday arrangements. 


When it comes to the most important considerations when choosing a destination, a massive three quarters (75%) of respondents flagged ‘value’ as the most influential factor, followed by ‘experiences’ (62%) and ‘safety’ (56%). ‘Culture’ (38%), ‘distance’ (32%) and ‘cuisine’ (25%) were also popular considerations.


“These poll results show that Australian holidaymakers could really benefit from using a qualified travel professional to help plan and book their vacations,” Traveltalk Media director Debbie Sproule said. 


“And because value matters a lot to consumers, travel professionals’ knowledge and access to great deals - usually for a negligible fee - can make agents a really smart choice for travellers.” 



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The Traveltalk survey polled 500 consumers from all age groups across every state and territory in Australia.    


How long do you spend planning travel?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 22 May 2019

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