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Revealed: Our favourite festive season spots abroad

Who needs snow when you can have sand (or lush green)?

Edging Sydney, Bali is the most popular summer holiday destination for Australian travellers, if the findings of research by agoda are anything to go by.


Comparing booking data during December and January from 2013 to 2016, the online travel site found the Indonesian island was the most popular vacation spot last summer (Dec 16-Jan 17) after it finished runner-up the previous three years. 




So whilst the allure of a northern hemisphere winter or ski holiday seems appealing for some, most are still opting to stay closer to home in warmer climes.


“Bali is a staple destination for many Aussies, and it makes sense that it has become a popular summer holiday spot given families can travel overseas together relatively inexpensively,” agoda global director for brand and communications Andrew Edwards said of the island’s popularity.


“It has great beauty, diverse experiences, not to mention the cheap food and shopping, so it’s little wonder why Aussies continue to fly over in droves every year.”


Finishing just behind Bali and Sydney was Melbourne, while the Gold Coast and Brisbane underlined the pull of domestic holidays, placing fifth and sixth respectively. 


Highlighting the allure of Southeast Asia, Bangkok, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur all placed in the top ten for four consecutive years.


The biggest mover among holiday hotspots has been Tokyo, which broke into the top ten (8th) in 2015 before rising to sixth place last year.  





Published: 24 November 2017

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