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Revealed: six Aussie travel trends for 2020

Travel experiences over exhibitionism predicted

Bragging rights will take a back seat to self-reflection next year as Aussies look to travel more slowly and sustainably, new research predicts. 


Skyscanner’s Australian Travel Trends 2020 Report has looked at the travel styles that will influence Australian holidays abroad next year, based on millions of data points collected by the travel site. And the findings have thrown up a few surprises, including the rise of the travel experience sans the travel exhibitionism.



“Next year, it’s not just about the destination, but the desired travel experience that will influence our holiday decisions based on the latest travel styles that are gaining in popularity,” Skyscanner travel expert Paul Whiteway said.


“Every year, we analyse global travel movements to help us make sense of traveller trends and next year will be informed by a desire from many to slow down, holiday more, enjoy the trip without worrying about how it ‘looks’ on social media, and focus on reducing our environmental footprint in the process.” 


The trending travel styles for 2020 include:


  • Sustainable tourism - Aussie interest in responsible travel grew by 103% this year, fuelled by eco flights and hotel stays, sustainable destinations and support of local businesses.
  • Transformative journeys - Up 44% in 2019, this trend relates to a breed of traveller that wants to know themselves better as much a new destination.
  • JOMO trips - The antithesis to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out) celebrates travel instead of worrying about how it looks on social media. Interest in JOMO trips rose by 31% among Aussie travellers this year. 
  • Slow travel - One in five Australian travellers expressed an interest in a ‘slow travel’ trip in 2020, with a focus on a leisurely pace to connect with a destination and travel peers over rushed sightseeing. 
  • Local food - In line with more sustainable and transformative travel, gastronomic travellers aren’t worried about where the best eats are, but on changing their lives with every bite. According to Skyscanner, food-motivated trips are likely to account for 9% of all travel styles in 2020, up 23% from this year.
  • Adventure travel - Perhaps the odd trend out among these predictions, adventure-based trips are forecast to grow by 17% in 2020, with 16% of Aussie travellers predicted to “push their limits outside of their comfort zone” next year. 



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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 19 November 2019

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