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Revealed: the priciest destinations to be hospitalised in

It’s a good thing nothing ominous befell Aussie Monaco GP winner Daniel Ricciardo overnight – for his insurer as well as himself.


A analysis of World Health Organization (WHO) data found the small independent principality in the south of France to be the most expensive destination in the world to be hospitalised, at a cost of AU$3,444 a day.


To put that amount into perspective, a one-night stay in a five-star hotel in Monaco costs a little over a thousand dollars a night.



Following Monaco on the list of pricey hospital stays was another tiny European nation, Luxemburg.


Although significantly less than in Monte Carlo, a night in hospital here can still set Aussie travellers back $1,813. Norway ($1,343) and Qatar ($1,308) were the next most expensive places for a day/night in an infirmary.


“It’s important to remember that these figures only represent the cost of the hospital bed. They don’t take into account emergency transportation, medicine or surgery costs that can drastically hike up the price,” finder’s travel insurance expert Bessie Hassan said.


“Some medical practitioners may even ask for a sizeable deposit before they even begin a procedure.”


When weighing up the costs of hospitalisation against the price of travel insurance premiums, clearly there should be only one course of action for travellers.


“In most cases travel insurance with medical cover is far cheaper than what you’d have to fork out for a hospital stay overseas,” Ms Hassan said.


“And bear in mind that any medical costs that result from intoxication or recklessness likely won’t be covered by your insurer.”


The most expensive destinations in which to be hospitalised:



Av. cost of a hospital bed (1 day)    

Cost of insurance
















San Marino









United Arab Emirates    







Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 28 May 2018

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