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Rick Steves warns of this change to travel

The good news is that a lot of us are starting to travel again. But to Rick Steves the victims of this “forced layover” of the past year will change how we travel.


In an interview about the future of travel, Rick Steves told the Fund for Education Abroad, we simply won’t be able to rely on old guidebooks. 


"I don't know what the damage is going to be from a year and a half of no business," he said. 


Steves, who said he will be going through his current guidebooks to check what is out of date, is concerned about the many small businesses he has recommended may have had to close permanently during the pandemic. 


"These are the charming entrepreneurial ventures that make travelling fun,” he said. 


“It's my hope that they'll still be here once this is over."


But the reality is that few can survive on no income for over a year.


"A friend of mine runs a museum in Arkansas. He figures a good percentage of museums who have had to close will not reopen," Steves said. 


Steves warns that if you’re travelling soon, double check that all the highlights you hope to visit will actually still be open and if they are that their open times (dependent on staff and government restrictions) are in line with your travels. 


He particularly wants travellers to frequent independently owned stores. 


"It matters where we spend our money," Steves said.

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Published: 9 April 2021

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