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Security breach at Melbourne Airport

Man tasered after entering no-go zone

Police tasered a man at Melbourne Airport after the 30-year-old breached security at Terminal 2 and attempted to charge a Jetstar flight.


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According to The Age newspaper, Australian Federal Police (AFP) arrested the man after Jetstar raised the alarm just after midday Tuesday.


After asking about purchasing tickets, AFP understands the man crawled into a secure baggage area before running on to the tarmac.


He then tried to board a JQ 787 Dreamliner, where he was confronted by the pilot, and later tasered and arrested by police.   


"No immediate or ongoing threat to the travelling public or aviation security has been identified as a result of the incident," an AFP spokeswoman said.


No charges have been laid against the male, who is undergoing a mental health assessment.


Airport security in Australia has been under the spotlight since authorities foiled an attempt by a terrorist cell to carry a bomb onboard a passenger plane in Sydney in late July.


Among new measures the federal government reportedly wants to implement at airports, and one that could’ve prevented this incident, is the requirement that all those at an airport (and not just passengers) be forced to carry identification.


The AFP also want the power to check flyers’ IDs earlier.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 4 October 2017

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