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Shark kills tourist where other travellers were attacked

Victim was on a sailing holiday

A holidaymaker has been killed in a shark attack in Queensland’s Whitsundays in the same spot where two tourists were attacked in separate incidents two months earlier. 


The victim, a 33-year-old Victorian male, was just a day into a sailing holiday with ten friends when the attack occurred at around 5.30pm in Cid Harbour, the ABC reported


The man was using a stand-up paddle board when he was attacked, after which time a nearby vessel carrying French-speaking tourists helped the man back to his boat. 


Police boats at Cid Harbour in September (Image AAP)


Police said most of those onboard his vessel, a 40-foot self-driven yacht, had a “medical background”, and there were two doctors present.


With critical injuries to his leg and wrist, he was airlifted to Mackay Base Hospital for surgery but died shortly afterwards. 


Rescue crewman Ben McCauley said the incident was worse and more gruesome than previous incidents.


“It's definitely harder this one, it hits home a lot more when you can't go home to your family and say that you've saved another life," he said. 


According to the ABC, Inspector Steve O’Connell said that in the 30 or so years he had been working in the Whitsundays, he had “never heard of any substantial attacks such as what we've seen in these three attacks".


"The general message given by water police out there and by the government departments will be don't swim in Shute or Cid harbour at all," he remarked.


Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan said more protection of the beaches in the Whitsundays was needed, as well as better education of tourists as to the dangers of swimming at dawn and dusk.


“I think government needs to be working with industry in educating people who run a yacht or rent a boat and go out for a trip of a lifetime, an experience of a lifetime, in the place that I call paradise."


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 6 November 2018

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