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Shift naysaying clients’ focus, says Destination Canada GSA

But it’s too far, too cold, too pricey... Travellers have a lot of preconceived ideas about Canada. Here’s how to turn those ideas into bookings.


With over 69% of Australians researching or booking travel to Canada through travel agents Donna Campbell, Australia’s GSA for Destination Canada, told Traveltalk how important the trade is to Canada. 


But being a travel agent is difficult. Clients can come in with no idea or too many of them. So a key element of Destination Canada’s trade focus is to shift perceptions that:


CANADA IS TOO FAR AWAY – Tell the story of how easy it is to get to Canada and travel across the country by various modes of transport.


CANADA IS TOO COLD – Tell the story of Canada’s four distinct seasons and the unique adventures available in each.


CANADA IS TOO EXPENSIVE – The Australian dollar goes 30% further in Canada than the US!


According to Campbell, the steady increase in flights and seat capacity out of Australia predicts an expected 2.5 million Australian long haul pleasure travellers intending to travel to Canada in the next two years.


Once there, Aussies will be looking for authentic Canadian experiences such as dog mushing, Churchill (polar bears), ultimate hikes and even Cariboo migration! Outdoor adventure, road trips, rail romance (Rocky Mountaineer) wildlife and culinary Canada will also feature prominently.


There are lots of reasons why Australians should go to Canada and lots of reasons why Canada wants them to go….  Australians stay longer and spend more.


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Written by: Jenny Rowland
Published: 2 June 2019

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