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Six in ten Aussies think it’s cheaper to wed overseas: study

A big wedding remains the dream for many, if not most, couples. However, with the big wedding, comes the massive price tag, and in Australia, that’s apparently $36,220 on average. 



But a new independent study commissioned by international money transfer company WorldFirst, has found that the vast majority of Aussies (85%) think that price is just too high. 


On top of that, in good news for international wedding planners, venues, destinations and indeed travel agents, six in ten (58%) of the 1,000 Australian adults polled believe it is cheaper to have a wedding overseas. Another bonus is that those involved in the wedding get a short break out of it too. 


Overseas weddings however aren’t without their hurdles, and according to WorldFirst’s head of foreign exchange, Patrick Liddy, two such challenges are exchange rates and money transfer fees.


“In 2018 alone, a $25,000 destination wedding could cost up to $2500 more based on recent currency fluctuations and additional fees,” he said. 


“When planning for their big day, couples need to consider exchange rates when paying overseas suppliers or venue costs, and speak with a foreign exchange expert about the best time to make these transactions.”


Here’s a rundown of the savings Aussies think they can make, as well as the challenges they face, when organizing an international wedding:



According to WorldFirst, three of the most affordable overseas wedding destinations, based on foreign exchange rates right now, are Bali, South Africa and Mexico. Sounds good to us...


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 3 September 2018

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