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Spend now, travel soon: How to use your Christmas shopping to pay for your next flight

As Australians gear up for travel, many are planning to use their credit card to fund their trip, according to new research by comparison site Finder.



A nationally representative survey of 581 Australians with a credit card revealed more than one in three (37%) people got their most recent credit card for reward points / flights.


Finder’s Consumer Sentiment Tracker shows Australians are getting excited about travel again - more than 1 in 2 respondents (55%) are planning a holiday in the next 12 months.


One in three (34%) are planning a holiday within Australia, a further 11% are planning to travel both domestically and abroad, and 10% are planning to travel overseas only. 


Amy Bradney-George, credit card expert at Finder, said credit cards can give both financial security and flexibility while travelling.


“When used responsibly, rewards credit cards are the easiest way to get bank rewards, frequent flyer points or cashback as you spend.


“The key thing is to choose a rewards card that fits with how you spend money – that’s why it’s so important to carefully compare different options.


“Most credit cards offer 24/7 security services that you can use when you're travelling, and some let you put a temporary lock on the account if you've lost your card and want to look for it - which is handy when you're overseas.”


Finder’s research shows men (42%) were more likely than women (30%) to say they got their credit card for reward points / flights.


“Rewards cards can give you a way to get ‘something for nothing’ on purchases you were going to make anyway, especially if you can make use of the card’s interest-free days for purchases. 


“You can also use other perks to help justify the annual fee or other card costs,” said Bradney-George.


Credit card rewards in Australia range from flights and hotel bookings to gift cards, cashback and retail items. While these rewards vary between cards, any of them can help you get more value from your spending.


When it comes to picking a credit card to help pay for your next flight, Bradney-George says there are a number of things to consider. 


“The good thing about rewards credit cards is they often come with extra perks like travel insurance, purchase insurance, airport lounge passes, concierge services and lifestyle and entertainment offers, so be sure to check this before signing up.


“The most obvious perk of these cards is that you earn rewards of your choice, for money you were going to spend anyway. That means you can do all your Christmas shopping on your card, and use that spending towards frequent flyer points.


“However, make sure you only spend what you can afford to pay off so that you don't end up with interest charges that take value away from the points.”


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Published: 15 November 2021

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