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Telstra change may be good news for holidaymakers

Australia’s largest telco thinks its new plans will win over travellers

It may cop a lot of flack from various corners, but Telstra may score some brownie points with travellers after it announced it would be scrapping lock-in contracts. 



Effective today, the move means travellers can now customise their phone plans to suit lifestyles as well as holiday plans. 


Claiming to be the first major telco in Australia to drop lock-in plans, Telstra said the initiative would empower its 7 million customers “by allowing them to create completely personalised plans”  and make it easier “for younger generations to travel the world and be able to add on new bundles as and when they please”. 


With its new range of post-paid mobile plans for consumers and small businesses, the company reduces its in-market plans from 1800 to just 20. 


Customers expect to be able to personalise their experiences and only pay for what they want or need,” Telstra CEO Andy Penn said. 


“They also want to be able to change their mind month-to-month as their individual needs change.


“This might mean upgrading your mobile plan around school holidays, adding a sport package for footy finals season, adding international data for that overseas holiday or, for our business customers, scaling their plan with the peaks and flows of their business.” 


As well as scraping lock-in contracts and allowing consumers to change their plans once a month, Telstra’s has dropped excess data charges in Australia and is offering 24 and 36 month device payment options.


Will these changes affect you, or the way you travel?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 26 June 2019

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