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The CIA diet to beat jet lag

We’ve all seen the movies. A haunted (but very good looking) CIA operative travels from one side of the world to the other en route to saving the world (or just the US bits). What we don’t see is the jet lag. 


No way would CIA agent Heather Lee (from Jason Bourne) experience jet lag. No way. PHOTO: JASIN BOLAND/UNIVERSAL STUDIOS


But have directors skipped over this because, like trips to the loo, jet lag just ain’t sexy? Or is it because the CIA simply don’t do jet lag?


According to point hacking site, God Save the Points, the CIA ,as well as the US military, presidents and celebs (probably the ones playing said good looking operatives) follow a simplified version of the Argonne anti jet lag diet developed by Charles Ehret.


The key to this diet is to fast well before arrival, drinking only water.


Apparently certain foods and eating patterns release chemicals your body needs to adjust to time changes at an accelerated rate. Fasting is a proven way to adjust eating schedules to your destination.


To follow this diet, first, figure out breakfast time at your destination, then you simply stop eating 12-16 hours before that time. You then have a high protein breakfast, avoid starches and carbs  and get some exercise and fresh air in. That night have a carb-filled dinner and your body is supposedly reset. 


The CIA version is a little bit more hard core, usually beginning days prior to travel (you don’t see that in the movies, but you rarely see eating so maybe it’s part of the plot), with operatives conditioning their bodies to the changes in time. 


Their plan is four days of alternate feasting and fasting, with a focus on eating at destination times.


So if jet lag is not your friend, be like the CIA and fast.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 20 March 2019

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