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The honeymoon spots that led to the most divorces

Where did you honeymoon?

A new survey has revealed the honeymoon destinations that are most common among divorced and separated couples, and the results show that idyllic honeymoon spots don’t always result in idyllic marriages. 



In a study, asked some 3,100 divorced or separated people from around the world where they went on their honeymoon – and it found that the most common destination among divorcees was the Maldives, where one in five (20%) respondents said they had been on their first honeymoon. 


Following the Indian Ocean paradise was Marrakech, which garnered one in six (17%) responses. 


Third on the list was French Polynesia’s Bora Bora, where one in seven (13%) of those polled said they had honeymooned, and Bali, which was the post-wedding trip of choice for one in ten (10%) people. 


Mauritius, Lapland, Santorini and Venice placed fifth to eighth respectively. The ‘safest’ honeymoon destinations for marriages, according to this survey, were Bangkok, Maui, Napa Valley and Nairobi. 


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Anecdotes aside, there’s no evidence to suggest that these honeymoon destinations in any way played a part in an ensuing unhappy marriage. But if you’re planning an overseas honeymoon (unlikely right now, but hey, still possible) for yourself or someone else, and are a little superstitious, remember you’ve been warned...


In another survey, recently revealed the weddings songs that were most likely to result in an unhappy marriage. Here they are:



Methodology: compiled the most popular honeymoon destinations, then surveyed 3,100 people to see where they went on their honeymoon; from this data, it could narrow it down to 15. They then asked 3,100 divorced or separated people where they went on their honeymoon. was then able to see the vacation destination where people were most likely to get divorced statistically. 


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 16 November 2020

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