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The hotel you’ll never want to check into

DivorceHotel on its way down under

A stay at the DivorceHotel isn’t for business, and it certainly isn’t for pleasure - as you can probably gather from the name. 


Rather, DivorceHotel is a hotel where couples who are dissolving their marriage can make arrangements for their divorce on neutral ground and without distractions or outside responsibilities, and with all of the support they’ll likely need. 



DivorceHotel was born after CEO Jim Halfens watched his best friend go through an “extremely messy” split, DivorceHotel International global director David Leckie said. 


“This led Jim to think that there just had to be a better way to do divorce.” 


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, all of the professional support a couple need to formalize their divorce (lawyer, mediator, financial advisor and perhaps therapist) can be arranged under the one roof at the same time. So the DivorceHotel is supposed to make a sad event at least well planned.


Originally developed in the Netherlands, the company is now operating in the US and UK, and an Australian expansion is planned for 2019.


Psychologist Sharon Draper said a "weekend divorce" could help “soften the blow” of divorce but wouldn’t work for everyone.


“If the situation is still an acrimonious one, this process might not be a good one to enter as one party may still feel extremely hurt… and not ready to go through with it,” she said.


“Staying in a hotel alone might not be the best thing for this particular person as they would need the familiarity of their home and support of their extended family members and friends.”


The stay is supposed to last for 48 hours, and of course, couples check into two different rooms. Because that would be awkward.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 12 September 2018

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