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The item we fear losing the most while away

And tips on how to avoid losing them

According to a new study commissioned by TravelCard Real-Time Travel Insurance, one in four Australians will be travelling abroad this holiday season. 


With this in mind, as well as the mishaps that can occur whilst away, TravelCard aimed to identify the things among their items travellers most value. 



At the top of the list, even above a passport, is the wallet, with nearly four in ten (37%) respondents saying they would be most upset if this item was lost or stolen.


Up next was the mobile phone, with one in three (34%) flagging this. Lower on the list was medication (6%) and surprisingly, the camera (5%). 


Baby boomers were found to be most attached to their wallet, with twice as many (48%) valuing it more than their mobile phone (25%).  


“Having something as personal as a wallet stolen while overseas can have a huge impact, both financially and logistically for travellers,” TravelCard CEO Michael Tauber said of the research results.


“If an incident does occur, our customers simply need to report the theft to local authorities, then contact TravelCard on our 24/7 global assistance line. 


“We can then reimburse them $200 within minutes, ensuring they’re not left out of pocket and can go on to enjoy the rest of their holiday.”


Here are a few quick tips to help keep your belongings yours: 

- Leave unnecessary things at home. Make your journey about the experience, and not the tangibles.

- Be discreet with your valuables, as much as might want to show off that new Tag Heuer watch or Gucci bag. 

- Don’t carry too much cash. Credit cards are accepted in many, if not most places these days, as are major travel money cards.

- ALWAYS carry your most valuable items - wallet, passport, phone - with you. The only time this can be excused is if you physically can’t carry them, like when you’re going for a kayak or some adventure experience.

- Utilise your hotel safe. It’s there. Use it.


What do you do to keep your valuables safe?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 19 December 2018

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