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The key trait of the perfect travel companion: study

Study links travel and curiosity

The old adage goes, curiosity killed the cat. But it’s not done travel, or the desire to do so, any harm.


In a study that explored the link between curiosity and travel, three in four (73%) people identified travelling as their go-to outlet in expressing their curiosity.



Commissioned by Curio Collection by Hilton, the study found that nine in ten (91%) people considered themselves to be curious, despite only two in ten (20%) apparently having the “wanderlust gene” (DRD4-7R).


Meanwhile, nine in ten (90%) of those polled said they took trips to learn something new, while eight in ten (79%) considered learning something new a priority on holiday.


Fifty-five percent of travellers said holidays were more about exploring than relaxing, while six in ten (57%) expressed a desire to spend more time exploring the things they are most curious about.


Sixty-four percent of those questioned deemed a curious person as the perfect travel companion, 65% a spouse, and 25% said they would prefer to travel alone.


The Curio study took into account the opinions of over 2,000 US adults, half of whom had to have travelled at least twice in the past year.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 3 August 2018

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