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The mistake Aussies are making when travelling to France

Ahh ... France, a land of seemingly boundless travel experiences, from the Loire Valley to the Alps, the Riviera to the Atlantic coast. 



But according to new research, the majority of France-bound Australian holidaymakers are missing out on the vast majority of the country - or more precisely, everything outside of Paris. 


Compiled by France’s national tourist body, Atout France, the research shows nine in ten (90%) Aussie travellers intend to visit France in the next two years, with French culture, food and wine the biggest drawcards. 


But it also reveals that most (78%) of the over one million Australians visiting France each year are spending all of their time in Paris. 


Sure, the City of Love has a lot of allure, but that’s an whopping omission from an itinerary. 


To help tourists travel beyond France, Atout France has unveiled a new website, which showcases “the unexpected side of the nation”. 


As well as guiding travellers to hidden gems within France, the new site features a What’s Happening Now In France tool and aspecialist mapping function that aids detailed trips around the country. 


According to Atout, thousands of articles and informational pages have been specifically designed for the Australian and New Zealand markets.  


Check out the new website here


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 22 August 2018

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