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The stat that could give the travel industry a mighty boost

140m days of annual leave? That’s a lot of potential travel

According to new data from Roy Morgan’s State of the Nation – Tourism report, Australia’s paid workforce has 140 million days’ worth of annual leave accrued between them, which could prove a potential boon for the travel industry, if even a small percentage of that time is spent on the road.



Compiled from in-depth interviews with over 50,000 consumers in their homes, the figures show that more than a quarter (25.2%) of the 10.9 million workers in Australia have four or more weeks’ worth of annual leave accrued, while 13.2% have more than five weeks.


“With the Australian economy showing signs of slowing, the potential boost that would come from people taking their accrued leave would be considerable,” Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine says.


“This would particularly be the case if Australians were encouraged to holiday in Australia.


“Particularly with Australia’s 10.9 million paid workforce currently owed an average of more than 12 days’ annual leave, this not only would be good for them to have some relaxation but could also boost the economy.” 


Australian workers’ accrued leave (Base: Australian population aged 14+, Workers. Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia) April 2018 – March 2019)



How much leave do you have owing?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 26 June 2019

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