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The surprising stat about solo travellers

And where are solo travellers heading?

Whatever the reason for it - be it adventure, relaxation, or just the challenge - solo travel is on the rise. But your typical solo traveller mightn’t be how you would imagine him/her. 


Commissioned by online travel agent, Agoda, a new survey found that western solo travellers, including those from Australia, were more likely to be Baby Boomers (39%) and Generation X-ers (24%) than Millennials and Gen-Zers. So much for the image of the single backpacker...



Conducted by market research firm YouGov, the ‘Solo Travel Trends 2018’ survey found that the number one motivation for solo leisure travellers globally was ‘relaxation’, with six in ten (61%) respondents looking to unwind with a trip away alone. 


By going it alone, solo travellers also aim to get away from routine (52%) and explore new cultures (45%) more than anything else.     


One in five (20%) western solo travellers go on trips of two weeks or longer, while one in three (34%) take trips of 4-7 nights.


Not only are there fewer younger solo travellers, but those that do venture abroad are less engaged. 


According to the study, younger travellers are spending an average two hours (119 minutes) per day on their laptops and phones, which equates to 15% more time than when they are with friends (100 minutes) and 26% more time than if they are with family (86 minutes). 


When it comes to the destinations western solo travellers are choosing, London comes out on top, followed by Tokyo. 


But proving their appeal to those going it alone, Sydney and Melbourne placed third and fourth among the most popular solo spots, ahead of New York, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Singapore and Paris.


Over ten thousand respondents took part in the survey. Western solo travellers were deemed those from the US, UK and Australia.


Where have you travelled alone overseas?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 1 October 2018

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